Le bâtiment de Filtres MONNET


Our aim is to become the absolute benchmark in our sector and the leading supplier of fully integrated solutions and services, thanks to :
  • The most comprehensive range of products.
  • The most comprehensive range of products.
  • An in-depth knowledge of our customers’ applications.

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DELTA PROCESS is the cooling department of FILTRES MONNET company. Our team designs and manufactures all cooling systems) and liquid station in all industrial fields.

With 20 years’ experience in the (liquid) coolant management, we can provide with answers for all your temperature issues. In addition to standard products we are able to develop specific equipment matching up to your own needs

OUR PROJECT : a permanent improvement of our units regarding  range of  temperature and fields of application. A  team is available for defining the better technical and economical  solution to your cooling issues.

Cooling water chiller


With a cleanable heat exchanger

With a submerged coil